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Macau International Food Safety Association (hereinafter called “MIFSA”) is a non-profit organization to promote food safety supervised by Macau New Technology Incubator Centre - Manetic. Its mission is to enhance public assurance, for domestic and overseas enterprises on their food origination, quality and the safety under a standardized system under the motto of “fair, accurate, authoritative, specialized” in Greater China. MIFSA leads the assurance work with the launch of a website about information verification of food origins, quality and safety control of the Great China food enterprises for consumers.

In this quest, MIFSA seeks co-operation with the domestic and overseas certificate organizations, to gather an expert team to continue support on the food safety and anti-counterfeit work with the international food standards, best practices and management frameworks that are used for measuring product quality, health and safety through the scientific and methodical approach.

MIFSA seeks to provide, in collaboration with established bodies, a series of training courses to cultivate more and more expertise on international yardstick techniques on food originated, quality and safety in the Great China.

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